Photo: Emilie Anne Szabo

About Quince

Quince is a specialty catering and events company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota with a vision for exceptionally crafted food and hospitality. We strive to create personal and satisfying dining experiences to enrich your special gathering or celebration. Whether it is a wedding, dinner party or baby shower brunch, we offer full service catering with exceptional attention to detail. At Quince, it's our mission to make beautiful meal experiences with quality seasonal ingredients, time-honored cooking methods, and warm hospitality. 

Quince is named after the fruit. Similar in appearance to a pear, a quince is a bright yellow fruit with a floral aroma and flavor that is sweetest when cooked.



Photo: Emilie Anne Szabo

Brooke Faudree - Owner & Chef

Brooke believes that sharing a meal with loved ones is among the most connecting and memorable of experiences. 

From a large family where cooking and entertaining are considered life skills, she strives to create whole meal experiences that capture the mind, heart, and soul. Brooke has worked as a personal chef in the Twin Cities for the last several years, and she loves to bring that level of personality and experience to special events catering. 

Through a love of travel and a thirst for learning, she fostered a desire for adventure and discovery in the kitchen. Her specialty is naturally-leavened bread, which she enjoys baking fresh daily and sharing with whomever she meets!